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- Breast Lift

Dr. Halpern,

I wanted you to know how your surgical talent has blessed me. I have wanted to do something about my sagging breasts for several years. My doctor, husband, and mother have been trying for years to get me to investigate breast surgery. I was apprehensive for fear that I would be disappointed with the results, and I did not want scars. After meeting you and your staff I felt this was something you labored to be meticulous about. I can’t believe what a fabulous job you did. I look like I used to look before three pregnancies! You took such care minimizing the scares. I am truly impressed. It feels good to not have the weight of the sagging breasts anymore. It feels even better to NOT look like the National Geographic Poster Girl!

Thank you for sharing your skill, time, professionalism, and wonderful care. You have exceeded my expectations and I am so happy. Thank you for enabling me to feel good about myself again.

- Breast Augmentation

Dear Doctor Halpern,

I search for words to describe how much breast implants have changed my life for the better. My self-confidence has increased significantly; I stand prouder, walk with my head high and in so many ways feel more feminine. My clothes fit like they were made for me. I can wear the widest range of styles from strapless and backless dresses to sweatshirts and T-shirts and look absolutely great!

Mostly, my husband and I enjoy the new me. The surgery has added to our lives. Our love and desire for each other continues to grow. I could continue but all in all, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think a basically simple and safe surgery could add so much to my life in so many ways.

Under your skillful direction, I came through the surgery with little discomfort and was back to a normal routine within a week. While the increased in breast size is significant, your ability to make the enhancement appear natural makes all the difference. My friends aren’t sure what has changed me, they comment on how great I look.

Thanks for making my decision to have the implants one of the best decisions I have made for my husband, our marriage, and me. I highly recommend the surgery to anyone remotely interested. It will change your life in so many positive ways.


A very satisfied patient

- Breast Re-Augmentation

Dear Dr. Halpern,

You won’t believe what you have done for me! Since 1985 I have been unhappy with the shape and feel of my silicone gel breast implants. I had been told they were normal and I just "had to get used to thin."

Since year 15 is when implants should be replaced I sought your assistance. Not only did you successfully remove the old implants and associated scar tissue, but also you were able to create soft and natural looking breasts for me. You have changed my life. Now I look forward to holiday dresses and fluttering swimsuits. I now have the appearance I had always dreamed of. Thank you again!

- Facial Surgery

Dear Dr. Halpern and Staff:

I just had to write to tell you how ecstatic I am over my cheekbones! I had no idea that this procedure could even be performed until I came into your office. In fact, in my many consultations, which included Beverly Hill’s and Houston’s finest plastic surgeons, I was never told that this was even a possibility. The reason for this, I found out, is because you devised this new technique.

No one knows their face any better than the one to whom it belongs. And I knew what I needed! I needed my cheekbones to be placed where they use to be in my 20s and early 30s! Now I’m in my mid-40s and told that I look like I’m in my 20s! I, also, love the way it has helped the lines around my mouth

The surgery itself surprised me. I had anticipated great pain and discomfort and did not find that to be the case at all. I was never in pain, not once. And the care and concern shown by you and your staff exceeded my expectations. At times I was apprehensive as I was recovering, you were all right there, patient and reassuring me that everything would turn out good. Talk about bedside manners!

I was greatly surprised to find you, Dr. Halpern, in Florida. And in my own backyard here in Tampa at that! I’ve always been warned against plastic surgeons in Florida. In fact, I walked into one surgeons’ office and found a framed magazine article about staying away from surgeons in Florida. So, for years I went to Beverly Hills for everything – BOTOX®, face products, power peels, and was getting ready to have eye surgery there until I discovered that there does exist one fin plastic surgeon here in Tampa. Beverly Hills has nothing on you. It was wonderful to have an excellent surgeon in the city where I live and to be able to recuperate in my own home.

Thank you for all you’ve done for me. And most of all thank you for saving my life. I won’t elaborate here, but it’s an interesting story you can share with your other patients.

Elaine P.

- General

Dear Dr. Halpern,

I just wanted to take a moment to not only express my gratitude for your wonderful works, but to tell you how very impressed I was with your entire practice. Your staff was so incredibly helpful and kind and the fact that your anesthesiologist phoned me at home a couple of days before my surgery was one of the most reassuring aspects of my whole experience. I don’t know if he calls each patient before surgery, but I can tell you that I was grateful and extremely impressed. (He totally eliminated my last minute jitters!)

I want to thank you also, not only for this amazing new look, but also for making me feel important. I know the procedures I had done are very routine to you, but you never, made me feel like "just another patient," you were always compassionate and kind, and I appreciate that.

Again, my sincere thanks to you and your staff!

- General

The best part of all this is the beautiful results. I love each time I look in the mirror! I would not hesitate to do it all over again, and Dr. Halpern is the only surgeon I would ever consider.


J.R.M., RN

- Laser Resurfacing

My experience with Laser Resurfacing has been one of amazement and delight!

I did not have one moment of pain or discomfort. Although I had pain medication available to me, I never found it necessary to use. My laser procedure was done on August 18, and today, August 30, I have only a very small amount of redness. Dr. Halpern and his staff are the best!

- Tummy Tuck

This is a 38 year old mother of two. Dr. Joshua Halpern performed a mommy makeover on her. That is a Tummy Tuck and breast enlargement with silicone implants and his Malibu Tummy Tuck. When comparing Tummy Tucks, Look at the belly buttons and the quality of the scars.

Click photos to enlarge

- Tummy Tuck

Dr. Halpern,

I want to share some thoughts with you about my prior anticipation of having a "Tummy Tuck." Just the thought alone frightened me half to death. Sooooo many horror stories from people who have never had this surgery, yet felt they needed to enlighten me on mine. The stories should have sent me running the opposite direction had I listened….thank goodness I didn’t! It amazes me how people take upon themselves to say things to a person who is about to undergo such an experience when they are passing on the WRONG information. Goes to show you whom ever they were getting their information from simply had the wrong doctor performing their surgery.

The experience I had with the actual surgery was unbelievable. I was amazed the morning my surgery was completed, to be able to step down from the operating table and walk to the recovery room. Absolutely inconceivable!!! Believe this or not, I have had not one minute of pain since the surgery…Not one second. I have had several surgeries in my 55 years and have ALWAYS experienced some level of pain…depending however, have had nothing but a very pleasant experience with this surgery. I am so glad I did not listen to the silly stories from those who have never had it or from those who chose the wrong surgeon! I am now in my third week of recovery. I drove myself to your office for my one week check-up (I live in Valrico…. 30 miles away.) I went to church nine days after my surgery…and have not missed a beat from that day forward! IF this is the WORST any of your procedures get…I am good to go for anything you have to offer!

Before closing, I really want to tell you that I have never been treated so SPECIAL by so many in one office in my entire life. From the morning of the surgery to an office visit and even a telephone call…not once have I felt neglected or put off. I would not expect any less from the BEST! My husband is so impressed with your perfection. Especially how you prepare us for this procedure and are so specific with the after care. He was my caregiver at home after surgery and was a little nervous about how to care for me, but had no doubt at any time when, where or how to administer medication, etc. due to the exact direction given to him in writing. You truly do go beyond the norm. It is hard to believe anyone can say this…but…I look forward to my next surgery!!! THANK YOU for making me feel good about myself again.

- Tummy Tuck

Dr. Halpern,

After having two children and a weight loss of 87 pounds, I decided to have an abdominoplasty (full tummy tuck.) Many years ago, I saw you on TV and remembered how satisfied your two patients were and that particular program.

Your consultation was thorough and the explanation of the surgery and recovery period was very helpful on my decision making. My surgery was scheduled for August 17, 2000 at Town and Country Hospital. I felt very good leaving the hospital. The pain was not as severe as I expected. In fact, it was quite minimal.

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