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A Center Designed For Surgical Excellence

As you consider plastic surgery in Tampa, Florida, one of the most important decisions you and your plastic surgeon will make is the choice of a surgery center. We are pleased that you are considering our state-of-the-art, all-inclusive office and operating suite to serve your needs.

Our 3,600 square-feet plastic surgery facility is more than just a beautiful, immaculately maintained building. It provides a friendly, soothing environment. Every member of our medical and support team is dedicated to helping you from your initial visit through your entire plastic surgery process. Our new Tampa plastic surgery suite and recovery room have been redesigned for your complete safety and comfort.

Plastic surgery patients appreciate the privacy our office affords, and the consistency of seeing the same staff members year after year. Our large, comfortable waiting room provides a warm, welcoming and gracious environment for patients, family, and friends.

A significant aspect of your care relates to the quality of systems in place for ensuring your safety during and after plastic surgery. Our operating and recovery rooms are equipped to the highest hospital standards. A friendly anesthesiologist will take care of you from start to finish. A registered nurse, certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, will be with you during your stay in the recovery room. The center's experienced medical staff constantly aspires to meet the highest standards in patient care.

Our office and staff are devoted to medical and surgical excellence, offering comprehensive and state-of-the-art plastic surgery services. The experience and dedication of the center's medical personnel, the interior design and location, the selection of equipment, and the entire medical and surgical processes are constantly updated in order to optimize each patient's plastic surgery experience for safety, comfort, and well-being.

Dr. Halpern's plastic surgery center was designed from the ground up to surround patients in an elegant and friendly atmosphere with a relaxing Greco-Roman ambiance. Our Tampa plastic surgery center is centrally located, with easy access from the airport and surrounding areas.

Plastic Surgery Procedures

It is important for people who are considering plastic surgery, as with any other endeavor, to learn about the field so they can make informed decisions. Being a plastic surgery patient requires the same intellectual and emotional investment as being the patient of any other kind of doctor. You want to understand -- after all, it's your body!

At my plastic surgery center in Tampa Bay, Florida, I use what I have named The Finesse Technique. I handle every patient and procedure with the utmost finesse. I use finesse techniques that not only decrease discomfort to a minimum, but also significantly minimize bleeding and scarring. When surgeons are too rough with the tissue, patients experience a lot of pain and healing time may be increased.

Since I am very gentle with the patient's body and skin, my patients seem to have minimal blood loss during plastic surgery, which allows the patient to recuperate more quickly and with less bruising.

I make sure to use fine plastic surgery instruments and to close the patient with the same finesse. The association between plastic surgery with pain, scarring, and lengthy healing times do not typically apply to my patients. Many times, after the proper healing time, a number of my patients have a very hard time finding their scars.

There is always a question about when the patient can resume their daily activities. Many people wrongly believe that if they have plastic surgery, then they will be incapacitated for a long time. This no longer holds true.

Ten or 20 years ago, plastic surgery involved a hospital stay of a few days followed by a lengthy recuperation at home. Nowadays, plastic surgery at our Tampa center is typically an outpatient procedure, and the patient returns home the same day as the surgery.

When I practice The Finesse Technique, your recuperation period will be greatly shortened. Pain and bruising are significantly reduced, and patients return to social activities much faster than old-fashioned techniques. With modern instruments, new operations, and The Finesse Technique, patients enjoy a body and life enhancing experience when they receive plastic surgery at our Tampa, Florida, center.

For information regarding our procedures, please contact our office today.

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Plastic surgery at our Tampa, Florida, center reaches new levels by combining modern technology with skilled artistry. Dr. Joshua Halpern provides the utmost care for every plastic surgery procedure, whether it be a breast augmentation, facelift, Restylane® injection, tummy tuck, or liposuction.