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Whether through genetics, childbirth, age or weight loss, a woman’s body goes through a lot in life. Any of the stages of life mentioned above can have a significant impact on a woman’s breasts. Some women have droopy breasts naturally, perhaps due to genetics. Giving birth can play havoc on a woman’s body and sagging breasts may be a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Naturally, age plays a large role in breasts drooping, with gravity a contributing factor. Additionally, weight loss, which can bring happiness, but which may also reduce the amount of fat tissue in the breasts and cause drooping, can thereby also bring disappointment.


Women come to Dr. Joshua Halpern to address one or more of the concerns mentioned above. In a personal appointment with the doctor, patients can explore a range of options available to them to lift their breasts, reposition the nipple and recover a more perky look, a procedure known as a mastopexy. The patient’s choices will be based on their level of droopiness and Dr. Halpern will provide the expertise to personalize the option most appropriate to the patient.

A breast lift may help some woman feel more beautiful and improve self-confidence.

It is important to understand what a lift can achieve. If a patient is looking to come out of the surgery with significantly smaller breasts, she might consider a breast reduction. If she is looking for more fullness in the upper part of her breasts, she may want to consider an implant as well. There are several options available, which is why it is important to be open with Dr. Halpern and to look at his before and after pictures. Breast lift options include:

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  • Donut or Benelli lift (a mini-scar lift): for minimal droopiness
  • Vertical lift: for moderate droopiness
  • Anchor or full lift: for extensive droopiness
  • Lift with implants: either for larger breasts or to achieve more upper fullness
  • Lift, with fat transfer at a later date, for limited fullness
  • Lift with Reduction: please see breast reduction page

Dr. Joshua Halpern utilizes The Finesse Technique® in his breast lift surgeries. This allows patients to have a mostly bloodless, mostly painless surgery experience, with quicker healing and recovery.

Dr. Halpern also utilizes his Halpern Breast Marker for this procedure, an instrument he designed, which is used by plastic surgeons around the world, to mark breast lifts with more accuracy and thus achieve more symmetrical results versus more traditional techniques. Unlike some other plastic surgeons, he also sews the patient up himself from the inside out, not allowing his assistants in the OR to sew and not using staples to close the wound, all for a more beautiful result. This is why patients go to Dr. Joshua Halpern.

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True Story! 

One patient who came in for a lift was a 20 year old who was so thrilled with her results and new self-confidence that she decided to go for her dream and became a bathing suit model. Her mother was in her mid-forties at the time, and was very impressed with her daughter’s experience at Dr. Halpern’s office, as well as with the results of her breast lift. She went on to become a breast lift patient as well. Please visit us for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Joshua Halpern to find out how he can help you achieve your cosmetic dreams. Call (813) 872-2696


and Privileges

Dr. Halpern is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The Aesthetic Society, and International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


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Dr. Halpern has operated on patients from many countries and almost every state in the U.S. Some of these countries are:

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