I’m 51 years old and of course I look younger, but it is not enough for me :)

I decided to do a face lift and I found Dr. Halpern on the Internet, because I was searching for Endoscopic procedures (he was a pioneer in those kinds of procedures). What can I say: I got everything I wanted in my dreams! I look 20 years younger, nobody understands what happened to me, because it looks so natural. My neck is tight, my eyes are young, my cheeks are lifted… He is an artist and you can feel right away that he is so passionate about what he does. He is excited about how you are going to look more than you are.

I would recommend Dr. Halpern without thinking even one second, HE IS THE ONE!!!

P.S. I love you Joshua! You changed my mood, and I get up in the morning and I’m happy to look in the mirror.

- Very happy patient

Wonderful Bedside Manner

I had a rhinoplasty done with Dr. (Joshua) Halpern and am extremely pleased! During my consultation, I told Dr. Halpern what I did not life about my nose and he fixed every single problem. I had NO real bruising and absolutely no pain at all after surgery. He made me feel comfortable and safe before and after the operation. When I got home and woke up, there were flowers from him. He did such an awesome job that I will definitely go to him if I ever want anything else done.


- MH

Dear Dr. Halpern,

I had seen your surgical art long before I met you. “Dare I believe that you could accomplish all that with my face?” I looked in the mirror and sighed at the ravages of time, accidents, and yes, even teeth marks from a childhood dog bite.

I met you, and believed that you could help me. Your gentle, supportive manner and professionalism greatly impressed me. Your staff became part of my extended family. My surgical date was a month after my falling of a mountain, breaking my leg and shoulder. I came in on crutches for my new face. I didn’t want to miss what I believed you could do for me. The surgical pain was minimal, with just a few days of discomfort. A short time later, I presented myself to my friends, and they were astounded at the improvement in my face. Many didn’t know that I had had surgery. They just said, “You look so young and vibrant; what have you been doing?”

You not only helped me, you created my youth. Thank you for making my dream come true.

Warmest regards to you and your staff.

P.S. I’m glad you enjoyed the cookies. But, you all were already sweet.

Dear Dr. Halpern,

Current age is 52 and I had a brow lift, lower eyelid, mid face lift, neck and chin lift done. It has been 4 wks post surgery, most swelling is down, all bruising is gone.

My friends tell me I look refreshed and cannot notice any scars. Strangers tell me I look between ages 28 and 35. I now find it amusing to ask people I meet shopping or wherever I’m out doing errands to guess my age and everyone continues to advise the same ages of between 28 and 35.

I am still surprised every time I look in the mirror at my profile and I now look how I feel and behave.

Thank you, Dr. Haplern and staff, for taking such good care of me, I look and feel wonderful.

Dear Dr. Halpern,

I just wanted to write this letter to convey my complete satisfaction with my face/neck lift you performed. Not knowing what to expect, I was naturally apprehensive. You and your staff put me at ease. After the surgery I was in total surprise at the lack of pain. The fact I ate lobster bisque for dinner that same night is a testament to that. I had no nausea, no discomfort. I took only one pain pill that first night, and that was only in anticipation of pain, not actual pain. I haven’t taken any since. My swelling is very noticeably decreased and the slight under-eye bruising from the cheek fat injections is fading nicely. Following your instructions is of the utmost importance. I have already received many compliments from family and friends after only a week. You are truly an artist. I have the profile I wanted and that awful “chicken neck” is gone. You have made the experience so seamless and comfortable. I will definitely be returning for a future tummy tuck.

Dear Dr. Halpern,

My year is almost up! I had plastic surgery on my face and now I am anxious for you to see the results. I think I only saw you once or twice in the month or two after the surgery, as there were no complications. I was diligent in following all of your instructions following surgery and am happy to see the scars are definitely unnoticeable.

I think you have a wonderful staff that has always been so supportive. They have been super in helping me choose the products for best skin care. I had been a bit nervous about the surgery and they were terrific in helping me through it. I was even was able to call a former patient my age (71), who also encouraged me.

I have been happy with the result and feel my appearance is much improved. I recently was in Chicago and saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a year. She wrote me a note afterwards that said, “You look great! Whatever was done was done perfectly. You look like a younger version of yourself, but you’re still “you””.

Dear Dr. Halpern & Staff,

I hope that I can find the right works to adequately express to you the positive & dramatic change that you have made in the quality of my life. As Marketing Director for an outpatient diagnostic center, the most important part of my job is being in front of the public. I spend the biggest part of my day calling on doctor’s offices for patient referrals. It has only been 10 days since my facial surgery, and my self-confidence is ‘off the charts’! I went back to work one week after my surgery. Initially, I was very concerned about what people would think. There is still some residual swelling and bruising, and it is very obvious that I have done something to my face. Well everyone did notice, and they all told me how wonderful I look. The very best part is that I know it’s true! I was also very surprised at the number of people that were very interested in my procedure, and had lots of questions about cosmetic surgery for themselves. I’m not as different as I thought I was.

I just turned 53, and feel much too young for the way I look. Let’s face it, gravity happens! My younger look has energized me. I look forward to each new day. Putting on makeup is fun again. I have eyes and cheekbones! I knew there were still there, I just hadn’t seen that much of them in a while. Before my decision to go ahead with my surgery, my biggest worries were how could I justify spending that much money on something so superficial and were my priorities all messed up? Am I a vain and shallow person for wanting a facelift?
Well, I now have my answer. Feeling this good about yourself can’t be a bad thing! I look at it this way… thanks to medical advances we are all living longer. Why shouldn’t we be happy about the way we look, too? It’s the old quantity vs quality thing. The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. I can live longer, and with your help, I can look good doing it. What a wonder and God-given gift you have…… the ability to make people feel good about themselves!

I must also comment on the compassion and professionalism of you and your staff. As I mentioned, I call on physicians all day. It has been my experience that most doctor’s don’t seem to know how to smile. I am certainly glad that you didn’t take that course in medical school. You always take the time to answer all my questions, and never make me feel rushed or unimportant. I know that the procedures that I had done are very routine to you, but I believe that you are every bit as excited about the ‘new me’ as I am. Thank you for your enthusiasm, and for being my personal cheerleader.

I also wanted to let your staff know how much I deeply appreciated their caring professionalism in their treatment for me. Everyone in your office made me feel welcome and at ease as they answered my questions and showed interest and concern for me as a patient. And I must mention your anesthesiologist, who held my hand as the anesthetic was wearing off. This type of patient care and compassion cannot be taught. I also hope that the feeling has returned in his right hand!

Finally, having flowers waiting for me in the recovery room was such a thoughtful and wonderful surprise. I have never been treated so special. So often we fail to thank people for doing their job well. Thank you and your staff for exceeding all of my expectations, and for taking such good care of me.

In closing, I am happy to report that your next mission will be to help me find my hip bones. As with my cheek bones, I am certain that they are still there. I just need your skill in relocating then via tummy tuck. I would be happy to talk about my positive experience to anyone considering surgery. It was the right decision for me, and Dr. Halpern is the only surgeon that I would ever consider.

Dear Dr. Halpern,

I am writing this letter to express my sincere appreciation for your expertise regarding the surgeries you performed on me.

You are one of a kind, a man who has broad intellectual background and is accomplished in areas of beauty and the sciences.

Thank you for my incredible new body. You are a true artist. My new face and arms have given me self-confidence and poise. I can’t believe how smooth and easy the surgery and recovery process was for me. I have received so many compliments all due to you. I am so looking forward to my tummy tuck.
I am so grateful to have found you, a doctor who is so current with the most updated, state of the art cosmetic procedures.

I look forward to seeing you soon.


Dear Dr. Joshua Halpern,

I flew from New Jersey to Florida for you to make me younger (face). I had to write to tell you how delighted I was about my entire experience. I have never been to a doctor who actually made me feel personally cared about. As I was informed, the procedure was minimally invasive and practically pain free.

When I thought my experience could not get any better, after being well cared for and a painless recovery; I discovered the best part of my experience, my result. I still cannot believe it when I look into the mirror and see this young face staring back at me. Everyone who sees me is amazed, and I’m always happy to provide them with the man’s card that made me look at least fifteen years younger, and feel like a MILLION dollars.

There is no better plastic surgeon on the planet, and I feel god truly blessed me by putting you in my path. You are truly an artist and I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life. I look forward to growing older now, knowing I’ll look years younger and feel more beautiful.


Dear Dr. Halpern,

I am writing to tell you about my recent shopping experience. All my life, even at my ideal weight, I have had problem areas in my hips and thighs. I was constantly looking for long shirts to ear with everything to hide the bulges. These areas had gotten worse in recent years with aging, and also for the first time I had excess weight around the middle.

I finally decided to have liposuction on my hips, thighs, buttocks and abdomen.

Two weeks after surgery, I was able to go out shopping. Not knowing what size to wear I took several into the dressing room. As I tried my new clothes on I actually started to cry. It is the first time since I can remember that my pants fit well, with no bulges to hide. I finally look nice in my clothes! I even took the long shirt back to the rack and got a short stylish top to wear with my size 6 pants! My husband says I look great and for the time ever, I am in “proportion”.

Thank you, Dr. Halpern, for doing such a fantastic job. I only wish I had done this years ago.

Dr. Halpern,

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation letter regarding your professional services. Last December my divorce was finalized after 30 years of marriage. To top off making my year worse, I had to deal with both of my daughters leaving for college. Last year was an extreme challenge for me having to learn how to live alone, which I have never done because we were highschool sweethearts. I realized I had some choices to make. I could, either, crawl into a corner and just disappear in despair, or I could finally do something good for myself. I chose the latter because no matter what challenges life hands to you, you still have to live because lift is a gift from God and should not be wasted. So, I chose to make the best of it. I took a good look at myself in the mirror while feeling very underappreciated. Having children can take a major toll on the human body. It is the ultimate sacrifice one can give as a mother. As a result, I did some research and ended up in your office for some maintenance time!

Thanks to you, Dr. Halpern, I now have a beautiful new flat tummy that I am extremely proud of and also two new breast implants. As a mother and wife, I was always doing for others and never for myself. The happiness I feel cannot be measured. My confidence level has skyrocketed. The best part is, I now have a 30 year old boyfriend and I’m 49 years old. So I say, find your happiness with body enhancements and it will help to heal your soul and broken heart. I am always eager to show off your work to my friends!
I would also like to thank you for the beautiful flowers during my surgery times. I have never had any doctor send me flowers for anything. Your compassion towards your patients shows. It is so refreshing to be acquainted with a professional, such as you, who cares for my mental/emotional state of fear that goes with surgery. I am recommending you to all of my friends!


Dr. Halpern,

I was so pleased with my procedures, I thought I’d drop you a note to say Thank You!! After the birth of my son, my belly was not the same (nor were my breasts). I did sit ups and treadmill routines daily and there was no improvement. I clearly needed a tummy tuck. I was very nervous about the procedure because it sounds like it would be a major procedure with major pain during recovery… NOT the case.

I was nervous the day of the surgery and you were so kind and compassionate. After surgery, I could not believe how good I felt. The discomfort was so much less than I anticipated. In fact, I only took the pain pills for a couple of days and stopped because I just didn’t need them. Recovery was quicker than I expected and I am so happy to look in the mirror and see a normal tummy instead of a hanging pooch. Since I knew I found the best Surgeon, I went ahead and got that breast lift.

After you performed these 2 procedures on me, I could not be happier. I feel beautiful and I no longer frown when I look in the mirror. My husband is crazy about me and loved me the way I was but I still had it done because I did it for ME! But I have noticed my husband gazing at me like a schoolboy in awe of my new and improved look.


Dear Dr. Halpern,

I want to share some thoughts with you about my prior anticipation of having a “Tummy Tuck.” Just the thought alone frightened me half to death. Soooo many horror stories from people who have never had this surgery, yet felt they needed to enlighten me on mine. The stories should have sent me running the opposite direction had I listened….thank goodness I didn’t! It amazes me how people take upon themselves to say things to a person who is about to undergo such an experience when they are passing on the WRONG information. Goes to show you whom ever they were getting their information from simply had the wrong doctor performing their surgery.

The experience I had with the actual surgery was unbelievable. I was amazed the morning my surgery was completed, to be able to step down from the operating table and walk to the recovery room Absolutely inconceivable!!! Believe this or not, I have had not one minute of pain since the surgery. ..Not one second. I have had several surgeries in my 55 years and have ALWAYS experienced some level of pain… however, have had nothing but a very pleasant experience with this surgery. I am so glad I did not listen to the silly stories from those who have never had it or from those who chose the wrong surgeon! I am now in my third week of recovery. I drove myself to your office for my one week check-up (I live in Valrico… .30 miles away.) I went to church nine days after my surgery. ..and have not missed a beat from that day forward! IF this is the WORST any of your procedures get.. .I am good to go for anything you have to offer!
Before closing, I really want to tell you that I have never been treated so SPECIAL by so many in.one office in my entire life. From the morning of the surgery to an office visit and even a telephone call… not once have I felt neglected or put off. I would not expect any less from the BEST! My husband is so impressed with your perfection. Especially how you prepare us for this procedure and are so specific with the after care. He was my caregiver at home after surgery and was a little nervous about how to care for me, but had no doubt at any time when. where or how to administer medication. etc. due to the exact direction given to him in writing. You truly do go beyond the norm It is hard to believe anyone can say this… but… I look forward to my next surgery!!! THANK YOU for making me feel good about myself again.

People if you’re looking for a Dr. stop here because I have found the best, let me tell you about my exciting experience with Dr. Halpern. I am a 57 year old woman just depressed and feeling awful about the way I looked. My neck hung down and I really was showing my age. After my first visit with him I just knew I found the right doctor. And oh boy was I right! He totally listened to me. I had some other work done before I found him. He had to redo my face because of an “lifestyle lift.” Oh brother what a difference I look 10-15 years younger! By this time I had so much trust in him and what he could accomplish! My tummy was a mess also, and he did the impossible on the top of my tummy! He flattened it! Every surgery he does is so clean and sterile no fear of germs at all. I can’t even find the words to say just how excited and happy with him and what he does, and he really cares about you too! I don’t think he knows just what an impact he has on people. I am so much happier now when it’s all said and done you will look in the mirror and realize Wow this is me!! He has never let me down. I look great thanks to my special Doctor Joshua Halpern.

You will have no regrets because there are a lot of Dr’s out there that just care about money. He doesn’t the prices are good and he is worth every cent!


Dear Dr. Halpern and Staff,

I want to thank you for transforming my face and body & in effect transforming my life. Since having children at an early age I have had a poor body image that had me hiding in closets to change clothes. To say the least, I no longer do this! I am experiencing a joy in my appearance that I haven’t felt since I was 16! Youthful physical beauty is a passing phase in one’s life but I believe in being the best one can be thru all stages of life. Thank you for helping me achieve this. I will be forever grateful for your surgical expertise and your artistic eye.


Dear Doctor Halpern and Staff

I would like to extend my thanks for the very good care I have received when I recently underwent breast reduction surgery and during my follow up visits. Along with Dr. Halpern, I specifically want to thank Kelly and my anesthesiologist for their fine work and the personal touch they displayed.

It has been about seventeen days since I had surgery and I am pleasantly surprised about how I look and feel. My husband has been kidding me about my “eighteen-year-old breasts”. Since he didn’t know me when I was eighteen, I didn’t think there was any need to tell him that they didn’t look this good when I was eighteen! He also commented that my breasts look well proportioned to my size six body and I agree with him. The incisions are healing very well and my concerns about scars have been alleviated to a large degree based on how I look now. I had researched breast reduction surgery extensively on the internet prior to undergoing the procedure and read about how common it was for surgeons to close the incisions with staples which heightened my concerns about the scarring. Dr. Halpern assured me that he does not use staples, nor does he have an assistant close for him, which probably accounts for why in this early stage of recovery I am looking quite well. I feel very comfortable recommending Dr. Halpern and his staff for anyone considering any type of cosmetic procedure.


- KN

A true perfectionist

I went to several consultations for breast augmentation and I chose Dr. Halpern. His ad states he has created “state of the art” surgery techniques which involve minimal blood loss, pain, and down time. Guess what? The man is everything he says he is. A true perfectionist. His staff was absolutely wonderful! Did I choose Dr. Halpern because of his ad? No. I chose Dr. Halpern because after mentioning the word “breast” at my hair salon in Carrollwood, people came out of the woodwork with their surgery experiences and the name of Dr. Joshua Halpern. He has an impeccable reputation and I would challenge any negative postings about second rate techniques regarding Dr. Halpern. Dr. Halpern Dr. Halpern will definitely be the doctor I choose foe my tummy tuck. And when I arrive for my consultation, if I have to wait in the lobby for additional time to see him—so be it. His technique and the quality of work, and his staff are so worth waiting for!

My wonderful experience with Dr. Halpern!

I have always wanted to get a breast augmentation, but a few months ago I started to really think about it.  Growing up a small A cup, I had always hoped that one day it would just pop out and at 25 years old, it just never did.  Three of my friends had just recently had theirs done and all referred me to their doctors, which were in my local area but I knew I had to ask my other friend who had done hers about 3 years before.  It was her 2nd breast augmentation and I knew that she would have only gone to the best the 2nd time around because she was so unhappy the first time.  After speaking to her she referred me to Dr. Halpern and told me to come stay with her.  I was concerned about recovery and didn’t want to impose. She assured me that I would be fine and recovery with Dr. H was very short and quick, but if I needed any help, she would be home.  I contacted the office and they told me I can email a picture and Dr. H would contact me to discuss what to expect.  


Within 24 hours, Dr. H contacted me and went completely through the whole process in detail.  He made me feel completely comfortable and patiently answered all my questions and concerns. I have never had a doctor call me especially when I was not even his patient yet.  We spoke for over 20 minutes and I have never seen any doctors take time out of his day to explain a surgery to his patient. After our first conversation, my decision was made.  I didn’t feel comfortable going to any other doctor. I didn’t care what it was going to cost me for the surgery or the trip. I was willing to save and wait a little longer if I had to, because I wanted the best results possible with the least scarring and short healing time and no other doctor was confident enough like Dr. Halpern was about how satisfied I would be with the results and recovery.

Everyone at the office was super helpful.  I must have called every day for a month prior to my surgery and EVERYONE nicely answered all my questions and I could hear the smile in all of their voices.  After flying in, Dr. H visually explained everything and showed me exactly what I should expect. Dr. H made my husband, back in Connecticut, and I feel very comfortable and relaxed, and we were both shocked by the attention Dr. H provided.  I went home right after surgery and took all my medication on time and followed all of the instructions. The next morning I felt great and was off to the beach with my friends. I didn’t go into the pool or ocean, but just slept under an umbrella with 70 SPF.  After posting a picture on my Facebook a day after my surgery, I received tons of text messages asking me HOW I was on the beach the next day a little over 24hrs later! All I could say is that I went to the best surgeon in the world who was gentle enough to leave me without any bruising and a tiny scar.  Two weeks later and I feel great, almost as if I had no work done and born with a beautiful perky D cup breast! ☺ I am one happy girl! All thanks to my wonderful surgeon, Dr. Halpern!


P.S. Dr. H, please don’t ever retire because if I should ever need to do ANY cosmetic surgery ever an I REFUSE to go to anyone else!  BUT if you must, I sure hope you will share your gift with someone else!

Dear Dr. Halpern,

I’m so lucky to have found you! I came to you with low expectations from past experience with another surgeon. After getting implants from another doctor that made me very sick and somewhat deformed, I didn’t think anyone could it. I handed you a difficult request, “can you make them look as though this had never happened? Can you make my breasts look like they did when I was teenager?”

Not expecting anyone could deliver this and thinking my request was not realistic, you did exactly what I asked. You erased everything that was wrong! My before and after pictures don’t even look like the same person. On top of great results, the experience through the whole process was great! I’m a difficult patient and I can drive anyone crazy with my fears and anxieties, but you and your staff did everything possible to make me feel comfortable. I am known for panicking when it comes to procedures and that was not an issue for you or the nursed who assisted. Your office staff gives the perfect atmosphere for those who fear medical procedures. Thanks for going through with me to you and your staff. Thanks for giving me your personal cell number and being there for my every question! Thanks for being such a great artist and for changing my life! I can’t say thanks enough and I will see you soon for lipo. ☺

Dear Doctor Halpern,

I search for words to describe how much breast implants have changed my life for the better. My self- confidence has increased significantly, I stand prouder, walk with my head high and in so many ways feel more womanly.

My clothes fit like they were made for me. I can wear the widest range of styles from strapless and backless dresses to sweatshirts and T-shirts and look absolutely great! Mostly, my husband and I enjoy the new me. The surgery has added to our lives. Our love and desire for each other continues to grow.

I could continue but all in all, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think a basically simple and safe surgery could add so much to life in so many ways. Under your skillful direction, I came through the surgery with little discomfort and was back to a normal routine within a week. While the increase in breast size is significant, your ability to make the enhancement appear natural makes all the difference. My friends aren’t sure what has changed me, they comment on how great I look. Thanks for making my decision to have the implants one of the best decisions I have made for me, my husband and our marriage. I highly recommend the surgery to anyone remotely interested. It will change your life in so many positive ways.



Dr. Halpern,

I cannot thank you enough for helping me make one of the biggest and best decisions that I could have ever made to improve my self confidence. I had been thinking about getting breast augmentation for many years and finally decided that now was the right time. After my initial consultation with you, I knew that, without a doubt, you were the one to help make this happen for me! I cannot thank you and your staff enough for making me feel as though I was in the best hands that I could possibly be in! From the time I came in for my consultation to the time I left your office after surgery, through all of my post op appointments, you and your staff made me feel very comfortable. I am very picky when it comes to surgeons, because my father is one. I expect no less than the best and, with you, I got that! I cannot describe what an amazing feeling it is to go into a store to buy “that shirt” or “that bikini” that I could never buy before! It is such an improvement overall with regards to my body and my security with my body.


Dr. Halpern,

First and foremost, I want to tell you THANK YOU!!!! I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am with what you have done for me. I have for the longest time, wanted to get breast augmentation. I have always been very small and just very self conscious. I really put off getting them done because of horror stories that I have heard. When I finally said I am doing this, people were saying to me, oh you should do this, or you should do that. And make sure you take about a month off work because you are not going to be able to do anything. So, needless to say, I was nervous again. But I wanted it done.

My boyfriend and I started looking. I looked at a few websites, and something about yours caught me. So I signed up to receive information from your office, and almost immediately i got a response. It was so smooth in setting up the consultation and when we met you, I felt in my heart I had made the right decision. From the moment we stepped into the office, we did not feel like it was business. Everyone was extremely nice and took the time to answer all our questions. Even the “stupid” ones without making us feel like we were asking something that maybe we should have known. I appreciate the way you explained everything and the way you made sure to make me comfortable and that I was making the right decision.

The day of surgery, everyone was again, so extremely nice and accommodating to us. Thank you for the time you took with us to go over the procedure and to make sure I was going to be happy with my choice. I appreciate how you made sure that I knew it was my decision, but also advised on the options that would best suit and fit my body. The surgery process was great. The fact that you personally called me yourself after I got home, to check on me, is something that really speaks volumes itself on the quality of the person you are.

I was back to work within 5 days. I had no bruising and almost no swelling at all!! All the people that were telling me beforehand all negative things, was in complete awe of me. They now have asked for your number. Today makes 11 days since my surgery and I am in NO pain at all. I am so happy with the new me. I can’t thank you enough for the gentleness and your expertise in what you have done for me. You are truly a genius and the best!! I am so thankful to have found you to do this for me.


Dear Dr. Halpern:

My previous breast implants of 25 years had ruptured (which I hadn’t known) and that a MRI confirmed during my routine mammogram examination this year. My breasts had become distorted and made me look disfigured. I had lived with that for some time and hated the way I looked. It definitely didn’t make me feel very good about myself and also carried over into other areas of my life. I just want to write and let you know how thrilled I am with the results of my bilateral breast reconstruction. My husband is very happy for me and also with the results of the surgery. I have more confidence, self esteem and I feel like a new woman! I can even go braless now, which I would never do prior to the surgery. I wish I had the surgery sooner but then I might not have found you.

Once I decided to have the implants replaced, I interviewed three doctors. You were the last doctor I visited. I knew when I walked out of your office, I wanted you to be my plastic surgeon and perform the surgery. I was very impressed with your thoroughness. You made sure I understood all that was involved with the surgery. You were the utmost professional and you and your staff made me feel very comfortable and welcome. I didn’t know what size I would be, what I would look like, what the surgery entailed and what it would cost. You answered all my questions throughout your presentation and I never felt rushed or that any questions I had were stupid. I was happy with your portfolio of the before/after pictures you had so I could see exactly what I would look like. I was considering having breast reconstruction and a brow lift at the same time. You recommended I not do that as the reconstructive surgery in one day was enough. I’m happy I followed your advice. There wasn’t another doctor that said that. They were more than willing to perform both surgeries on the same day. I felt you had my complete welfare in mind. You had everything broken down and sent me home with a complete package of information and pricing. I was well informed and ready to move forward. I scheduled the surgery.

I am six weeks pre-op. The surgery went fantastic. Everything happened exactly as you said. I followed the pre-op and post-op directions to a tee and have had an excellent recovery. I had no discomfort and only took two pain pills throughout the first few days. There was little bruising, no drains or heavy bandages. Most importantly, you kept in contact with my husband to keep him updated throughout the surgery. I was home and back in my bed before I knew it. The nurses, assistants and anesthesiologist were friendly and professional. I especially like the extra precautions you and your staff take to guarantee the highest level of cleanliness.

You are truly a gifted artist and I am blessed to have you as my doctor. You change people’s lives. If I decide on any other procedure, I will absolutely, positively have you perform the surgery, and I am recommending you to all my friends.

I decided to have breast augmentation surgery last spring in February. I have never had them, literally I was a negative A growing up, At 30 years old I was still a negative A. I am not a small woman by any means. I am 5’8″ and 1401bs. I was even more deflated after having and breastfeeding 2 children. I have been wearing very padded bras since day one.

I work in sales and I am in a very “proper” environment. I wasn’t looking for Giant breasts. I was looking for something that would even out my frame and make me look proportional. I wanted something that would look professional and be undetectable. I kept putting off my consults because I was nervous about getting a bad result.

My mother finally called me in April and said, “If you don’t do it now, you are never going to. What is holding you back?” That night I went on a website the general consensus was that I should have at least 3 consults to make up my mind. I did just that. Dr.Joshua Halpern was my third. As soon as I left the office I decided to make the decision and finally get the implants l have wanted since I was 17. I called that day and booked with him. I knew he was the right choice. He listened and showed me what he could do instead of telling me what I should want.

In preparation I looked at tons of before and after pictures. I settled on the shape and size I wanted and when I came out of the surgery, Dr. Halpern had given me exactly what I wanted. Beautiful, full breasts, very propionate to my size. My recovery was very fast, and I didn’t have any swelling or pain. In fact, I only took pain pills for 2 days. I was back at work within a week and up to full capacity in less than a month.

My results have been great. I didn’t have to buy any new shirts, my mediums all still fit perfect and are filled out exactly how they were supposed to look all along. My suits look much better, and I wore a strapless dress and a triangle bikini top for the first time in my life this summer.

Through the whole process Dr. Halpern was very accessible, and extremely caring. His staff could not have been more helpful and accommodating. After each of my follow-ups,I leave knowing that I made the right decision to go with Dr. Halpern. His surgical ability and caring attitude really set him apart from any of the other surgeons I met. I am very pleased with my results and highly recommend him. (My husband thinks Dr. Halpern is the greatest as well!)


Dear Dr. Halpern and Staff,

This letter is in response to the wonderful experience my daughters and I received at your office. “Thank you” all so much for the expert care and exceptional results. Earlier this summer my oldest daughter expressed she was seriously considering breast augmentation surgery, something I had been wanting to do for years. When she told me after doing much research online she wanted to go to you for the procedure, I knew it was time to make a consultation. I, too, had heard rave reviews about your practice through several colleagues and knew that if I ever had plastic surgery I would consult your office first. My younger daughter came to the consultation and by the end of the visit all three of us decided to schedule breast augmentation surgery. As a nurse, the Finesse Technique ®you described during the consultation was especially interesting to me and the benefits of your approach were immediately apparent after surgery. We were amazed at the complete lack of bruising and loved being able to go home in a bra instead of bandages. Having seen other women in person and on websites who were bruised and bandaged, we felt truly thankful to have found you.

We thank you for the great results that are so natural in appearance. We highly recommend your office to anyone considering breast augmentation or plastic surgery. We feel we chose the best and only office to consider for our procedure and the results prove it!


Dear Dr. Halpern,

Thank you so very much for making this experience so positive and smooth. I knew from our first consultation that you would be an outstanding surgeon and a great fit to my needs, but now I can say you have surpassed all my expectations. From your meticulous attention to detail, your patience and willingness to explain everything , and your artistic talent, I could not have asked for more. What has resounded most with me, though, is your compassion. You never made me feel like I was burdening you or acting ridiculous. You were incredibly patient with my many phone calls and questions. And the simple act of a hug on the first day I returned to your office after the surgery had the ability to reassure and calm all my worries.

I hope you know I am forever grateful that I chose you as my surgeon. Thank you a million times over for the exceptional care. Have a great vacation!

- Sincerely

Dear Dr. Halpern,

I want to thank you for the wonderful things you have done for my wife. As you know she was beautiful before and had the sweetest smile I ever saw. Now that you added your magic touch she has her youthful beauty back and her smile is just as sweet.


Dear Dr. Halpern and Staff,

I want to thank you for transforming my face and body & in effect transforming my life. Since having children at an early age I have had a poor body image that had me hiding in closets to change clothes. To say the least, I no longer do this! I am experiencing a joy in my appearance that I haven’t felt since I was 16! Youthful physical beauty is a passing phase in one’s life but I believe in being the best one can be thru all stages of life. Thank you for helping me achieve this. I will be forever grateful for your surgical expertise and your artistic eye.



and Privileges

Dr. Halpern is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The Aesthetic Society, and International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


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