Laser Resurfacing

A telltale sign of aging is wrinkled skin on the face. The rate of wrinkling depends on various factors including genetics, sun exposure, and whether a person smokes. Most sun damage occurs before the age of eighteen, with the exposure or smoking thereafter just adding more damage year after year. By the time an adult reaches middle age, they can clearly see the wrinkles on their face–around the eyes, on the cheeks, the lips, in the neck, etc. While dermabrasion may help in the earliest stages of aging, once there are a significant number of wrinkles, the answer lies in laser resurfacing.

Lasers went through a number of iterations before the Sciton erbium laser came along.

Dr. Joshua Halpern was the first surgeon to use this laser and lecture on it.

The Sciton erbium laser became the number one laser to use when treating facial wrinkles. Older lasers had a number of problems which the Erbium laser remedied. It turns the skin back to its normal color much faster than previous lasers. It can be utilized for tightening skin and for helping smooth acne scarred skin.  This laser helps make the skin look younger and can be used safely to rejuvenate the skin on white and brown (Hispanic, Asian, and Mediterranean) patients.

When utilizing the Erbium laser on his patients, Dr. Halpern incorporates the Finesse Technique® which he invented. Pain is minimal and recovery is much quicker versus traditional techniques.

Please call Dr. Joshua Halpern today (813) 872-2696 to see how you can turn your skin from being unsatisfactorily wrinkly to looking smoother and more pleasingly youthful.




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