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Body Lift Surgery

Body lifts are available for two distinct kinds of patients. The first is the patient who may have had gastric bypass surgery or another weight loss technique to lose a massive amount of weight. Generally, this kind of patient, after losing the weight, requires body lift surgery on various parts of the body to remove excess skin. The second kind of patient who needs body lift surgery might require the surgery in one particular area, but not all over. This may be due to genetics or weight loss.

Body lifts can be performed on the upper arms and armpits, the waist, the flanks (also known as love handles), the back, the buttocks and the inner and/or outer thighs.

Beautiful woman in a dressDr. Joshua Halpern has extensive knowledge and experience in performing body lifts to these areas. He incorporates the Finesse Technique®—his own invention–which results in less post-operative pain, less bleeding and an easier recovery versus traditional techniques.

After surgery patients tend to have better self-esteem and like what they see in the mirror. Instead of having rolls of skin hanging off their body, they get to see the person behind the weight loss—a regular sized person behind the skin. These are some of Dr. Halpern’s happiest patients.

After surgery, body lift patients can wear clothes which accentuate their shape, including bikinis, shorts, and halter tops.

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