The male chin has historically held significance. A well-balanced chin on a young man, along with a taut jawline help to define his face. Does a man have a strong chin or a weak chin? Is it a reflection of his manliness? His leadership capabilities? Or is his chin simply another feature of his face, like his nose?

Traditionally a strong chin, like those of actors who have played the role of Superman, denote virility and strength.

Today, a strongly defined chin and jawline are consistent with society’s views of the male ideal. The nose, mouth, chin and jaw line should all work in harmony to reflect a proportional look.

Some men, whether young or older, see certain problems with their chin, such as its being too small or weak in relation to other features of their face. While a strong chin helps a man look masculine, a weak or small chin can make him look ineffectual. A man with a small chin may find as well, that his nose may seem overly prominent or may protrude disproportionately.

Male model in a black suit buttoning up his jacketThe good news is that Dr. Joshua Halpern can help those who wish to revise the appearance of their chin. After a free consultation to discuss the goals of such a surgery, Dr. Halpern can, because of his art background, visualize how to enhance the patient’s chin to make his face look more balanced and more handsome. The procedure is relatively quick, requires no dressings after surgery and has a very high satisfaction rate.

For younger men, the new chin helps them appear stronger and more proportionate; for older men it helps them appear stronger, more proportionate and younger as well.

Dr. Halpern places the implant very precisely with the aid of endoscopic instruments, utilizing the pioneering endoscopic techniques he invented. The implant is permanent, feels natural, looks natural, acts natural; and provides the needed balance and equilibrium to the look of the face and its features.

Please come in for a free consultation with Dr. Joshua Halpern to see how he can help you improve your chin and bring more harmony and masculinity to your facial appearance.


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Dr. Halpern is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, The Aesthetic Society, and International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


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