Recent data from the American Board of Plastic Surgery indicates that the number of women getting breast augmentation surgery decreased by almost 15 percent in 2019, while breast implant explant procedures increased by 34.4 percent.

People may choose to have their implants removed for various reasons, such as current trends for a more natural look, a change in lifestyle and personal aesthetic, or a complication with the breast implants. Additionally, some people experience breast implant illness (BII), which causes unpleasant side effects from the implants. Whatever the reason, an explant can remove your implants and give you back the body you had before your augmentation.

Am I a Candidate for Explant/Implant Removal?

You may be the right candidate for this procedure if:

  • You no longer like the look of your implants
  • You are experiencing breast implant illness, including discomfort and pain
  • Your breasts feel heavy and uncomfortable
  • You have scar tissue around your breast that is getting tighter or harder
  • Your implants have moved, leaked, or ruptured

Additionally, all surgery candidates should be in good overall health, be a non-smoker or willing to give up smoking pre and post-surgery, and have realistic expectations of the outcome.

How Is Explant/Implant Removal Performed?

An explant procedure is very similar to breast augmentation surgery. The doctor will make a small incision either around the areola or the lower fold (crease) of the breast. Next, the surgeon will remove the implant and the surrounding tissue capsule.

Dr. Joshua Halpern has been performing explant surgery for over 25 years and often combines a “Recruitment Lift,” which he designed himself. This entails tucking extra stretched skin and tissue inside to give the patient a better result.

Many women choose to get a breast lift at the same time as their breast implant removal surgery.

What Is Breast Explant/Implant Removal Recovery Like?

Breast explant/implant removal requires anesthesia, so it is important to have a ride home and someone to stay with you the first night. Dr. Halpern also uses his Finesse Technique® which allows the patient to recover faster. It is not uncommon for his patients to be driving and going back to work four days after surgery.

During your recovery, you will need to follow Dr. Halpern’s instructions about avoiding strenuous activities, wearing your compression garment, and returning for follow-up appointments.

What Results Can I Expect From Breast Explant/Implant Removal?

An explant/implant removal will provide immediate results as you will no longer have your implants, and your chest will return to its natural size. However, it is important to note that if you choose to get a breast implant removal without a breast lift, your breasts may not be as perky. Implants stretch out your skin, which is why a breast lift is often also recommended when getting a breast implant removal.

Interested in Breast Explant/Implant Removal in Tampa, Florida?

Are you ready for your breast explant/implant removal? Dr. Joshua A. Halpern is a board-certified plastic surgeon who wants to help you get back your natural breast shape and size. Schedule a free consultation to discuss any questions or concerns about breast implant removal by calling 813-872-2696 or filling out this form.


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