Cheek Lift/Mid-Facelift in Tampa, FL

One of the most delightful aspects of babies is their full cheeks. We kiss them, pat them and lovingly squeeze them. Fast forward twenty years: those delightfully full cheeks have lost their baby fat and turned into firm and shapely high cheekbones. Fast forward another twenty years and those delightfully sweet cheeks, and then those firm high cheekbones, have morphed into deflated, sunken cheeks that seem to have fallen down.

The solution? A cheek lift by Dr. Joshua Halpern, a board certified plastic surgeon. One of the most powerful tools used to make an older face appear more youthful is lifting the cheeks. Due to age and gravity, drooping of the cheeks is unavoidable. Yet we are able to pull out those pictures of ourselves at a more youthful age to find inspiration. Dr. Halpern performs endoscopic cheek lifts on younger patients, and might add fat injections by fat transfer to cheek lifts on older patients.

Dr. Halpern was one of the pioneers of the endoscopic cheek lift and has considerable experience with this surgery.

Headshot of an adult female model in a white tank smiling with full cheek bones
He is one of a handful of cosmetic surgeons across the country performing a true endoscopic cheek lift. Please come in for a complimentary consultation to see how Dr. Halpern can return a youthful appearance to your cheeks and face.
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