Breast Reconstruction with Fat Injections

Fat Transfer Injections for Breast Reconstruction

Many women who survive breast cancer consult with Dr. Joshua Halpern about having breast reconstruction utilizing fat injections. After having been through so much, possibly multiple surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, patients may be looking for a procedure which can help beautify their breasts and return them to a healthier looking state. Most of these patients are looking for a relatively simple method to address their desire for improvement.  At the initial free consultation, Dr. Halpern will assess the patient’s health and see if they are a good candidate for the procedure.

He removes fat from an area of the body and injects it into the breast. “That’s the beauty of it,” according to Dr. Halpern. “It’s relatively minor compared to all they’ve undergone before.” The theory is that fat injections have stem cells and the injected fat not only increases the size of the breasts, but also appears to improve the skin and prior scar tissue.

Patients like this technique because it is relatively quick with tiny incisions and a faster recovery. They are not typically looking for surgeries that are invasive with a long recovery, so this is well-suited for them. Breast reconstruction with fat injection patients tend to be very happy with their results.

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