Breast Reduction in Tampa, FL

Patients who come to Dr. Joshua Halpern for breast reduction surgery have spent much time, sometimes years, contemplating this procedure and how it could potentially improve their lives.

Breast Reduction Overview

The typical breast reduction patient may voice a variety of complaints such as:

  • Disproportionately large/heavy breasts
  • Neck, back and/or shoulder pain
  • Bra strap grooving
  • Affected posture
  • Discomfort with daily activities
  • Restrictions in exercise
  • Limitations in clothing choices
  • Problems with self-esteem
  • Psychological quality of life issues

Basically, breast reduction candidates just want to look and feel like everyone else. Young women, such as high school students, have unique issues related to their overly large breasts, since they may be more vulnerable to the comments of those around them, they may not have established a strong level of self-esteem yet and may not fit in with their peers due to restrictions in their lifestyle.

woman that is stretching because she had a breast reduction in tampa

During the consultation Dr. Halpern will evaluate the patient, assess the patient’s health and address the patient’s concerns. He likes to discuss the patient’s goals and their desired breast size. For the right candidate, a breast reduction can be highly beneficial.

A mastopexy, or breast lift, is incorporated within the reduction in order to lift the nipples to a more desirable position. During the procedure Dr. Halpern will utilize two of his most important inventions: The Halpern Breast Marker, which provides a more accurate nipple placement, and The Finesse Technique®.

This technique provides for an almost bloodless surgery, relatively pain free recovery, less bruising,  as well as a quicker recovery. Dr. Halpern sews up the patient himself, not utilizing an assistant to sew, nor using staples as a shortcut.

Quality of Life

After breast reduction surgery with Dr. Joshua Halpern many women find they have a very high satisfaction rate with their new appearance. Not only is there an abatement of symptoms, one generally observes a new confidence and an increase in self-esteem in these patients. Their lifestyle improves, their posture improves, their exercise options increase, they enjoy shopping for new clothes and have far greater choices of activities. Their enthusiasm is contagious.

While many patients regret not having had the surgery earlier in life, they quickly move on to new and exciting lifestyle possibilities. For young women it gives them a physical freedom and peace of mind after enduring difficulty in school or growing up in a restricted manner. For middle aged and older women—life just gets better!

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