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Although conversations about hair loss are generally restricted to men, women can also suffer from significant hair loss. It is estimated that over 30 million American women experience thinning hair. For years, hair transplant methods have existed for both women and men; however, these methods have been invasive, with extended recovery periods and the presence of scars from the donor hair region. For these reasons, women may have previously been wary about undergoing such a procedure. NeoGraft®, Dr. Joshua Halpern believes, is an improved alternative to the previous hair transplant methods. It is available to women (as well as men) and may provide significant improvement to their thinning hair while boosting their confidence. NeoGraft® is a minimally invasive procedure that requires no scalpel incision or resulting scar and provides full, natural-looking hair.


For many women, their hair is a symbol of femininity and beauty, and the loss or thinning of that hair often creates significant emotional stress and embarrassment. Hair thinning can result from age, stress, weight loss, hormonal changes like pregnancy or menopause, and medical conditions such as thyroid disorders. Additionally, while Dr. Halpern utilizes the latest technology and surgical methods in his cosmetic surgeries, there are some surgeons who do not know how to perform hair-sparing endoscopic brow lifts and facelifts, which may cause hair loss and emotional distress in their patients. Women who have suffered from such hair loss may be candidates for the NeoGraft® hair transplant procedure. Dr. Halpern uses NeoGraft® as a valuable tool in helping to restore a normal hairline for these patients.


Before NeoGraft®, traditional hair transplant procedures were performed through a “strip method” where a section of scalp on the back of the head was removed to use as donor follicles. This method, while successful, was invasive and left a visible linear scar on the back of the head. The NeoGraft® procedure is an alternative to that process. NeoGraft® uses the same area of the scalp, but instead of removing an area of skin, only the individual hair follicles are extracted. Downtime is minimal and recovery is much quicker versus traditional techniques.

From here, the NeoGraft® “no touch” follicle implantation method carefully transplants the removed follicles of hair to the desired area. These follicles will rest and grow to result in a fuller, healthier head of hair.


NeoGraft® is minimally invasive, causes little to no discomfort, and requires less downtime than its more invasive counterparts. Many patients return to work the day after their NeoGraft® treatment and have few restrictions regarding their normal activities. Dr. Halpern provides a detailed explanation about any limitations his patients may have following the procedure.


Dr. Joshua Halpern likes the NeoGraft® system as it is the least invasive procedure available for hair transplantation and offers precise and exact harvesting and placement, which results in natural-looking hair.

The donor area of the scalp takes about one week to heal, and it will not look thinner or different in any way. Results from the NeoGraft® hair transplantation procedure start to become visible as soon as the transplanted hair takes root and begins to grow. Hair that has been transplanted can be cut, colored, or styled to meet your preference. The presence of thicker hair and the resulting boost in emotional confidence are long lasting.

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