Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) in Tampa, FL

rhinoplasty in tampa, flWhy have surgery to change the appearance of your nose?

Some possible reasons include: your nose seems to be out of proportion when you look in the mirror, it is oversized or the wrong shape for your face, has a noticeable hump, or just does not make you happy.

Another candidate for nasal surgery is the older patient. Often, as people age, their noses become larger or elongated. Additionally, sports injuries cause problems with the nose that may motivate people to have a “nose job.”

It is very important when you choose someone to repair your nose that you go to an experienced and artistic doctor. Some doctors are famous for giving all their patients similar-looking noses. However, what would look good on one patient’s face might not look good on another’s. This is why it is essential to look for a surgeon who is artistic; you want someone who can visualize a new, personalized nose on your face before he operates on you. Dr. Joshua Halpern is such a doctor and will do his best to match your new nose to your face. You can not train someone to be artistically gifted; having that eye has to be a part of their natural talent.

What Are the Advantages of Nose Surgery With Dr. Halpern?

Dr. Halpern has genuine rhinoplasty expertise and extensive experience, and he holds consistently favorable results. He has provided satisfactory rhinoplasty outcomes for many patients and has an excellent record of safety. Working with him can make the difference between a dramatic cosmetic enhancement and a scarred, unattractive result.

In addition, Dr. Halpern typically does not pack the inside of your nose, which is usually very uncomfortable, making for a more pleasant recovery. More importantly, patients have access to his Finesse Technique, which typically results in less pain and discomfort, minimal bruising and swelling, and faster recovery versus traditional techniques.

What Happens at My Nose Surgery Consultation?

During your consultation, Dr. Halpern likes to find out your goals first. He then examines your nose and writes up a detailed operative plan, which he reviews with you. Dr. Halpern will make you feel at ease and answer all your questions thoroughly.

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How Does Dr. Halpern Perform Nose Surgery?

Dr. Halpern uses the latest techniques for reshaping the nose.

While some doctors perform destructive rhinoplasties where cartilage and bone are removed, Dr. Halpern reshapes the nose using advanced suturing techniques and adds cartilage grafts as needed — true artistic reshaping. It is important to have an aesthetically pleasing nose. Dr. Halpern can help you achieve this.

Since your nose is the most prominent feature in the face, it is very noticeable, and you want to make sure it is flattering and a reflection of you. One of the positive side effects of having your nose fixed is that most people focus on their nose and don’t feel comfortable with it when they look in the mirror before surgery. After having nasal surgery, many patients notice their whole face when looking in the mirror and no longer obsess about their noses. The absence of a nuisance stops being a distraction, and the patient’s self-confidence improves.

Adjustments that Dr. Halpern might make to improve the appearance of a patient’s nose include:

  • Remove the hump
  • Add height to the nose
  • Narrow the nose
  • Lift the tip
  • Create a nicer looking tip
  • Refine a boxy tip
  • Narrow the nostrils

Dr. Joshua Halpern utilizes his Finesse Technique when performing rhinoplasties. This involves significantly less pain versus traditional techniques, with most patients being surprised at how good they feel after surgery. The Finesse Technique also involves less bruising and swelling, as well as a quicker recovery.

Patients have come from all over the world (Europe, Asia, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, and the United States) to have their noses operated on by Dr. Halpern.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Joshua Halpern for My Nose Surgery?

Dr. Halpern has performed numerous successful rhinoplasties over the years with the ultimate goal of achieving natural-looking results that fit each face characteristic for the best overall appearance.

The structure of the nose is quite complex, and rhinoplasty is considerably an intricate cosmetic procedure. For this reason, it is important to work with an experienced surgeon with a keen eye for detail to carefully plan a new personalized face before the procedure. Dr. Halpern uses his artistic talent, experience, and the latest techniques for reshaping the nose to create functional and aesthetically pleasing results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nose Surgery?

How long will my rhinoplasty recovery take?

Your recovery timeline will vary depending on the type of rhinoplasty procedure performed and the extent of surgery. However, most patients take anywhere between two weeks to a few months for most of the facial swelling to diminish.

Rest and relaxation are strongly advised during the initial days of recovery to promote healing and minimize bruising and swelling. By the second week, you will be able to resume normal daily activities and light exercises can resume after the third week.

When will I see the results after rhinoplasty?

While some results will be apparent at the six-week stage following your procedure, most nose-shaping results are truly definitive in about six months or a year. It is important to have a long-term approach when dealing with your results.

Interested in Learning More About Nose Surgery With Dr. Halpern?

Please come and see Dr. Joshua Halpern and find out why he is the best choice when picking a plastic surgeon for your rhinoplasty. Call (813) 872-2696.




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