Get Rid of Cellulite With Cellfina™

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Over the years, countless creams and treatments have purported to be able to remove cellulite from the body. Most of them either do not work at all or appear to work for only a very short period of time. Now, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has finally approved a treatment that is proven effective in getting rid of cellulite. Cellfina™ is a new procedure that can eliminate cellulite from the thighs and buttocks with lasting results.

Get Rid of Cellulite With Cellfina™

The Trick to Targeting Cellulite

Perhaps a part of the reason many previous cellulite treatments have failed is that they do not address the appropriate issue. Contrary to popular belief, cellulite is not a certain special kind of fat that is particularly resistant to dieting and exercise. Rather, cellulite is a condition where subcutaneous fat bulges through the collagen fibers in the skin, creating an unnaturally dimpled and bumpy appearance. While weight loss may help reduce the amount of fat in the area, this may have no effect in eliminating cellulite if the fibrous bands are still taut against the remaining fat. The trick to targeting cellulite is focusing on these thick, fibrous bands through which the fat bulges. This is the approach used with Cellfina™.

How Cellfina™ Works

Cellfina™ targets cellulite in the thighs and buttocks, where subcutaneous fat is thick and more likely to press against the fibers in the skin. With only local anesthesia and no scalpel incisions, Cellfina™ uses a needle-sized device to sever these fibrous bands. By releasing this tension, the skin no longer puckers around the fat. With a single treatment session and absolutely no fat removal at all, the area will quickly smooth itself out. Cellfina™ is minimally invasive and results in improvements in the appearance of cellulite. In just a few days, patients can enjoy a much smoother appearance in the thighs and buttocks with results that have been proven to last for up to three years or longer.

Cellfina™ is the latest and greatest in innovative techniques for improving the appearance of cellulite. Dr. Halpern now offers Cellfina™ as a treatment for qualifying patients at his Tampa, Florida practice. For more information on Cellfina™, contact our office at (813) 872-2696 or complete our online contact form to schedule your personal consultation today.


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