Mommy Makeover—A Dream Come True

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The Mommy Makeover is, for many women, a dream come true. That would seem to make Dr. Joshua Halpern like a fairy godmother, sprinkling a princess with fairy dust, transforming her and making her wishes come true. He may not wear a crown or a beautiful gown or even have a magic wand, but he just might be able to make some of your wishes come true.

Mommy Makeover—A Dream Come True

The Effects of Pregnancy on Your Body

When you think about your children, you probably feel great love for them. But truthfully, you may not feel love for the way your body looks after having them. Now that you’re done breastfeeding, you may be thinking about what that did to your breasts. Perhaps you want those breasts made perkier? Bigger Smaller? Lifted? Reduced?

How about that stomach that stretched and stretched for nine months? Perhaps you want that tummy pooch to go away? Poof!

Do you want liposuction to take the little extra off here and there from pregnancy weight gain? Or from the “enriching” lifestyle that children bring, with their birthday cakes, snacks, treats, and juices?

Are you stressing about the kids? Are they entering their toddler years? Teenage years? Getting married? Stress shows up in different ways on different people. Where is your stress showing? On your hips? Your thighs? If you are an older mom or you have older kids, is your face reflecting your stress with wrinkles, worry lines?

If your daughter is old enough to be thinking about having a breast augmentation and you come along for her consultation, do you remember all of a sudden that you meant to have your breasts done all those years ago? That tummy tucked?

Want to feel like your old younger self? Want to do something nice for yourself? Want to do something just for you? Dr. Halpern can address your cosmetic surgery needs.

Now Is the Time

Yes, this is a serious business—having surgery. But if you are always doing things for others, working hard to raise good children into good adults, that is serious business as well. You might as well reward yourself with a Mommy Makeover—a serious effort to improve yourself. (Doesn’t improving yourself set a good example for your children?)

Just a few years ago, mothers used to wait until their children were just about grown up, to have plastic surgery. These days it could be a young mother, as well as the older mother who desired it. That is the beauty of Dr. Halpern’s Mommy Makeover: it addresses your own personal needs and is tailored to each woman. Make a list! So while you may have children, you might also still want to look hot and feel sexy. Besides, checking things off your to-do list also sets a good example for your children, right?

If you are interested in how a Mommy Makeover can benefit you, contact us today by calling (813) 872-2696 or (800) 963-8483, or by filling out our online contact form.


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Dr. Halpern is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Mommy Makeover—A Dream Come True

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Mommy Makeover—A Dream Come True

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Mommy Makeover—A Dream Come True

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