Should I Get Round or Shaped Breast Implants?

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Large or small, high profile or low profile, smooth or textured, round or shaped… these are just a few of the debates that women have before selecting the ideal breast implants for themselves. While choosing the shape of your implants is one of these important decisions, a recent study shows that shape may not matter as much as you think. In fact, breast implant shape may not even matter at all. Focusing on other implant characteristics instead of implant shape will make a much more significant difference in your final appearance after breast augmentation.

What’s the Difference Between Round Implants and Anatomical Implants?

Breast implants come in two shapes. Round implants are uniformly round and are equally full throughout. Anatomical implants, also called shaped or teardrop implants, are shaped to mimic the natural breast tissue. In other words, they angle downwards and are fuller in the bottom half, or lower pole. Anatomical implants are designed to correct breast shape for women with misshapen breasts. This theory, however, doesn’t appear to be substantiated by actual breast augmentation results. Research suggests that women can achieve natural-looking shape correction with either breast implant shape.

Should I Get Round or Shaped Breast Implants?

Does Breast Implant Shape Matter?

Are round or teardrop implants better? Can you even tell the difference after they’re inserted? These were the questions posed by a research team led by Dr. Carlos Rubi and colleagues of The IMED Hospital Department of Plastic Surgery in Valencia, Spain. Dr. Rubi’s team had 30 plastic surgeons and plastic surgery nurses review preoperative and postoperative photos of breast augmentation patients. The reviewers were given 15 photos of patients with round implants and 15 photos of patients with anatomical implants. The implant types, placement, and approximate sizes were kept the same as control factors.

The results of the study were published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and revealed a surprising finding: even plastic surgeons and plastic surgery nurses can’t tell the difference between round and shaped implants. They had only a 50-50 chance—no better than the flip of a coin—of accurately identifying the correct implant shape. Plastic surgeons were slightly more accurate based on what would likely have been recommended based on the before photo. Still, there was no clear consensus among the reviewers or even among themselves when shown the same images several weeks afterward.

As evidenced by this study and others before it, there is no visible difference in the end result when choosing between round and anatomical implants. Despite arguments that anatomical implants produce more natural-looking results, evidence shows that they offer no visible advantage over round implants. This is likely reassuring to women who are concerned about their breast shape but who don’t like the increased risks and expense of choosing anatomical implants.

So…What’s More Important?

There may be no aesthetic reasons to choose one implant shape over the other, but there are reasons to consider other factors. More important factors to concern yourself with are implant size, material, and profile. Make it a priority to select the right size for your preferences and your body type, and ask your surgeon for expert recommendations. The profile, or forward projection, of the implant can go a long way in determining your final appearance. Implant material (silicone or saline) makes a significant difference in the look and feel of the breasts as well. By prioritizing these characteristics, you can achieve the best results that will enhance your breasts in the ways you desire.


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Should I Get Round or Shaped Breast Implants?

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Should I Get Round or Shaped Breast Implants?

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Should I Get Round or Shaped Breast Implants?

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