Lip Enlargement in Tampa, FL

Many patients come to Dr. Joshua Halpern for lip enlargement. It has become a popular procedure in the last few years and is requested by a wide range of age groups. Some patients are younger and simply do not have the lips they desire, others are older and their lips may have thinned out over time.


Dr. Joshua Halpern, a board certified plastic surgeon, has a lot of experience with lip enlargements and offers:

  • Injectables (such as Juvederm or Restylane)
  • dermal fat grafting (taking a deep portion of the skin and underlying fat from one part of the body and putting it into the lips).

Injectables typically last for several months, whereas fat injections and the dermal fat grafting surgical procedure are permanent and thus, over the long run, more cost effective. Instead of having injectables every half year or so over the course of many years, the surgical option is required just one time. All will produce fuller lips, with the fat injections and dermal fat grafting procedure far outlasting the injectables. Fat injections give a subtle improvement; dermal fat grafting provides more dramatic result. Both are relatively short procedures. There is some swelling after surgery which diminishes, and the patient is left with permanent, fuller, sexier and more youthful looking lips. They look natural and feel normal. Try kissing someone, and you’ll both be able to tell how natural they actually feel!

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