Breast Reduction as a Teenager

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Breast reduction surgery is known for yielding one of the highest satisfaction rates of all plastic surgery procedures. Why is this? Breast reduction is usually performed to ease the physical pain, emotional trauma, and unwanted attention that can be caused by having overly large breasts. These complaints are not limited to adults; many female teens suffer just as much (if not more) from having oversized breasts. Breast reduction can help teenagers who suffer from these symptoms experience a better quality of life and develop a healthy, positive body image.

The Challenges of Having Large Breasts as a Teen

Breast Reduction as a Teenager

Teenagers with overly large breasts can experience both psychological and physical concerns like sexual harassment and back pain that can be addressed through breast reduction.

Anyone who went to a public high school knows how teenagers tend to respond to people who look different from them. Teenage girls with abnormally large breasts can find themselves the victims of teasing, unwanted attention, catcalling, sexual harassment, and other forms of social rejection and objectivism. Some are referred to throughout their four years of high school as “the girl with the big boobs” rather than their given name. Especially during these vulnerable years of life, it’s fairly easy for these kinds of things to lead to social and emotional anxiety, psychological issues, poor body image, and/or eating disorders.

In addition, adolescent girls must deal with other personal struggles. All the painful physical symptoms of large breasts—such as neck aches, backaches, skin infections, shoulder grooves—can prevent you from participating in activities you would otherwise enjoy. You might feel that you can’t be a cheerleader or join the track team because your breasts make it difficult to exercise. Shopping can be equally frustrating.

Teenage Breast Reduction

Deciding to undergo major surgery is never easy. The results are permanent, and uncertainty over what your future appearance will look like may cause you to hesitate. Despite these worries, it’s hard to argue against the benefits of breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction is known to dramatically improve quality of life by eliminating chronic pain, improving ability to exercise, making it easier to shop for clothing, and reducing the cause of unwanted negative attention. Many teens have already undergone teenage breast reduction surgery with great success. Modern Family actress Ariel Winter had a breast reduction and said, “I have felt happier with myself than I ever have.”

Dr. Joshua Halpern uses the HALPERN breast marker (which he invented) when performing this surgery. 

He also utilizes the Finesse technique, which he developed. Recovery is quicker versus traditional techniques. 

Breast reduction can help mature teens overcome daily challenges and improve their quality of life. Dr. Halpern can help candidates for teenage breast reduction determine whether they are right for this procedure and emotionally prepared for it. To request a consultation with Dr. Halpern, call (813) 872-2696 or contact us online today.


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