Rhinoplasty Can Give You More Than a Straight Nose

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Having a nose that you are displeased with can be one of the most frustrating situations. For many who experience this, their dissatisfaction comes from an aesthetic place. Maybe their nose is too large or small for their face, or maybe an injury left the facial feature crooked or with humps and bumps. 

Rhinoplasty Can Give You More Than a Straight Nose

While aesthetics is a primary reason to consider nose surgery, it is not the only one. Nose surgery has just as many physical benefits as it does cosmetic ones. 

What Is Rhinoplasty?

The adjustment of the nasal profile is completed through a surgical procedure called rhinoplasty. With rhinoplasty, there are many degrees of complexity. Some operations address small bumps or abnormalities in the upper bony part of the nose. Others might combine smoothing bumps or protrusions. In addition, some patients would like changes made to their nasal tip (i.e., narrowing the tip) and others would like to address the flaring of the nostrils. Whatever the concern, rhinoplasty can restore a more proportional, better shaped, straighter, and more aesthetically pleasing nose.

Are There Physical Benefits to Rhinoplasty?

In addition to cosmetically altering a patient’s appearance, rhinoplasty is undertaken to repair damage from a traumatic injury or improve breathing difficulties. For some people, the septum, or the wall that divides the nose into two channels, could be deviated, meaning that the opening of one nostril is larger than the other. This makes breathing through the nose labored and can lead to side effects such as snoring or troubles sleeping.

While some deviated septums are genetic, others are caused by a traumatic injury. Facial injuries not only lead to aesthetic complications, but they can also result in breathing troubles and infection. Sometimes, if an injured nose is not repaired, and an infection develops, the person may be at risk of their nose collapsing due to the damage done.  

This is why it is always important to consult with a surgeon after a nasal injury.

What Is Involved in Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty procedures require local or general anesthesia, depending on the complexity of the surgery. The surgeon will artfully adjust the bone, cartilage, and skin of the nose to achieve the patient’s desired results. In some cases, cartilage may be harvested from the ear, or another part of the body to build up certain sections of the nose. Nostrils can be narrowed and resized, and other significant aesthetic or practical improvements can be made.

How Long Is the Recovery From Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is most typically an outpatient surgery. The amount of downtime required following the procedure depends on its length and complexity. It can be as minor as taking it easy for a day or two, or it may involve several weeks of avoiding strenuous activity. 

There will likely be some bruising and bleeding. Dressings may need frequent changing, and sometimes a splint will be used to protect the nose area. Followup visits are required. 

Dr. Joshua Halpern developed the Finesse Technique. He does not pack the nose. This technique allows for a quicker recovery time versus traditional techniques. Watch our video below to see a testimonial of a young patient who is less than two weeks out.

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