Procedures Men Can Combine With Chin Implant Surgery

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A prominent and projecting chin is the quintessential masculine facial feature. Chin implants restore or highlight the prominence of the male jawline. While many men can experience significant satisfaction with a chin implant alone, others could benefit from an additional facial procedure (whether it is an anti-aging procedure like facelift surgery or an augmentation surgery like rhinoplasty).

Procedures Men Can Combine With Chin Implant Surgery

How Is a Chin Implant Inserted?

Utilizing endoscopic, mini scar, techniques (that Dr. Halpern helped to pioneer), a form-stable silicone implant is inserted and placed on top of the natural chin bone. This implant improves the size, shape, and projection of the chin, revitalizing the look of the entire face. Surgery is typically less than one hour, and recovery is relatively quick.

Have You Considered Combining Facial Plastic Surgery?

Cosmetic procedures can be time-consuming. As a result, men who are thinking about getting a chin implant and other forms of facial rejuvenation should consider combining procedures, enabling them to minimize the time taken out of their busy schedules. 

What Cosmetic Procedures Can You Combine with Chin Implant Surgery?

Neck Liposuction

Male neck liposuction is commonly performed in combination with a chin implant because it removes the submental (under the chin) fat that creates the look of a double chin. Since the goal of a chin implant is to highlight and enhance chin projection, the presence of neck fat is a significant detriment. Removing this fat through liposuction allows men to achieve a more sculpted and squared-off jawline.

Mini-Scar Neck Lift

A mini-scar neck lift is beneficial for chin implant and neck liposuction candidates who also have loose neck muscle. Since liposuction does not remove or tighten skin laxity, an additional cosmetic procedure, such as a neck lift, may be necessary.


Renuvion® is a minimally invasive skin tightening technique that can be used to correct minor laxity on the neck. This is ideal for men who may not require the extensiveness of a mini-scar neck lift. 


Since a chin implant is designed to draw attention to the lower part of the face, it would be a shame if the surrounding areas were riddled with sagging tissues and deep creases.  Facelift surgery for men addresses these signs of aging by tightening skin and tissues in the lower two-thirds of the face. 


While the nose is not connected to the chin in the same way as the neck and lower face, combining rhinoplasty (nose surgery) with a chin implant produces a comprehensive transformation of a man’s overall appearance. This combination creates and highlights angular, masculine facial features.

Why Should Men Consider Facial Plastic Surgery?

Cosmetic procedures enhance features as well as eliminate weak points, enabling men to enjoy a much-improved aesthetic appearance. This tends to have a positive effect on men’s self-confidence and change how others perceive them (whether socially or in the workplace). 

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