The Three Stages of Breast Sagging

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Over the years, many women find that their breasts slowly begin to sag and lose their feminine shape. This unfortunate situation can happen because of aging, gravity, heredity, and childbirth. Breast sagging (ptosis), no matter what stage of severity, can be corrected with breast lift surgery to give you perkier, younger-looking breasts.

The Three Stages of Breast Sagging

The Ptosis Scale

In the mildest form of breast sagging or ptosis, the nipple is above the breast fold. However, more more serious degrees of breast sagging can be measured on the following ptosis scale:

Grade I: Mild Ptosis

You have mild breast sagging if your nipples fall right at the level of the inframammary fold (the crease beneath the breasts). With mild breast sagging, most of the lower breast tissue still hangs beneath the nipples.

Grade II: Moderate Ptosis

You have moderate breast sagging if your nipples rest just below the inframammary fold. Most of the breast tissue still hangs below the nipples, but there is noticeable sagging.

Grade III: Advanced or Severe Ptosis

You have advanced or severe ptosis if your nipples rest below the inframammary fold and the bulk of your breast tissue. The nipples are at the level of maximum breast projection and are pointing downward.

Correction With Breast Lift Surgery

For the mildest form of breast sagging or ptosis where the nipple is above the breast fold, a patient might not need breast lift surgery, and an implant alone may provide the necessary lift. However, breast lift surgery can correct more serious ptosis (grade I, II, and III).

Using careful techniques and finesse, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joshua Halpern can tighten the breasts and remove excess, sagging tissue. He can also reshape the breasts so that they look more natural, firm, and round. During the procedure, the breasts are resituated higher on the chest, and the nipples are repositioned higher on the breasts. Dr. Halpern is incredibly precise in his surgical technique and is the designer of the Halpern Breast Marker, a tool sold worldwide for accuracy in performing breast lift surgeries. He also incorporates The Finesse Technique℠, which he invented.

Bleeding is minimal, and post-op pain and recovery are less versus the traditional technique. Patients typically do not require any medications, besides TYLENOL®, after surgery, and they can resume driving after two days and work after three days; although, individual experiences will vary. Women who desire a more youthful breast appearance and correction of breast sagging, regardless of their degree of sagging, can achieve younger-looking breasts with breast lift surgery.

Dr. Halpern can perform breast lift surgery to rejuvenate your appearance and improve your breast shape and position. Call (813) 872-2696 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Joshua Halpern today.


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